Windsor Locks Public Library
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Windsor Locks Public Library
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Welcome to Windsor Locks Public Library, your hometown source for information, Internet access, books, movies, music, educational and entertaining programs, and more, all for free!

Registering for a library card:

Windsor Locks Public Library cards may be issued to:
. RESIDENTS of Windsor Locks (All CT cards must be issued in town of residence).
. Out-of-state adults employed in Windsor Locks (card held in the library).

The Windsor Locks Public Library requires that your library card or driver's license be presented each time you check out materials.

Adult cards:

In order to obtain a card, individuals ages 16 and over must provide:
. Picture ID (license, state ID, school ID).
. Proof of address (license, delivered mail, pay stub, bank statement, etc.).
. Full legal name (including middle name or initial).
. Address, gender, date of birth, and phone number. An email address is also desirable.

We also offer self registration. You will be issued a temporary card number that can be used to place holds and access some of our online resources. This temp card will expire in 30 days. We look forward to seeing you at the Windsor Locks Publis Library within 30 days with a picture ID and proof of address so we can issue your permanent card and you can check out library materials.

Children's cards:

. Library cards for children under age 16 must be signed for by a parent or guardian, who must supply their own picture ID and proof of address.
. Grandparents should not sign for cards unless they live with the child and are prepared to assume responsibility for lost items and overdue fines.
. The child MUST be present when the card is issued. In cases of parents living in separate towns, the card should be issued in the childís town of residence.
. Children's cards are meant to be used for children's materials. Parents should register for their own library card. It sets a great precedent for your child!

Preschool cards (under age 5):

. Blocks on parent's ibrary record must be cleared before preschool card is issued.
. All children kindergarten age and up can be issued cards regardless of blocks on parent accounts.
. Preschool cards may be used for children's materials only.
. All parents are encouraged to apply for library cards for themselves.

To insure free access for all, no restrictions (except on museum passes) are placed on what can be checked out by any individual, including a child, with their own library card.

It is the responsibility of the parent, not library staff, to monitor the childís choices. However, no adult, including a parent or guardian, should use a childís library card to borrow materials for their own use.

With this in mind, effective immediately, an adult may use their childís card ONLY to borrow materials for their child.

A child may use their own card to check out materials without any library-imposed restrictions.

Parents are required to have their own card in good standing in order to borrow adult materials for themselves.

Use of library cards by others:

Every resident of Windsor Locks is entitled to a library card. Possession of another adultís library card is generally accepted as permission to use it, but everyone is encouraged to obtain and use their own card. Under no circumstances should any individual compromise anotherís library record by borrowing materials and failing to return them on time. Those allowing others to use their card to borrow materials should remember that they are still responsible for any charges or lost items on that card.

Other information:

All fines and obligations related to any library card previously issued in Connecticut must be settled before a Windsor Locks card may be issued or renewed. We will be happy to help you investigate or settle any outstanding charges.

Library cards are valid for a period of three (3) years. If the card is lost prior to the renewal date, a fee of $1 will be charged for a replacement card. There is no charge for initial registration or regular renewals of your Windsor Locks library card.

Under the Connecticut State Library's "CONNECTICARD" plan, your library card must be issued in your town of residence and any valid public library card may be used in ALL public libraries in the state of Connecticut. Get your library card today!