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Oscar, a literate canine.


Celebrating 100 books read 2003-2013

Christie Capers, a discussion group for fans of tradtitional mysteries, meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the library's Community Room. Although we take our mysteries seriously, we think of ourselves as a social group as much as a book discussion group. In addition to our mystery discussions (we usually have a specific theme each year) we also host New England area mystery authors a couple of times a year.

Copies of our upcoming selections are available at each month's meeting or at the Circulation desk about a month before each meeting. New members are always welcome!

Cover of <i>The Christie Caper</i> by Carolyn G. Hart Our thanks to Carolyn G. Hart, author of the "Death on Demand" and "Henrie O" mysteries, for inspiring the name of our group, "The Christie Capers," and for personally providing us with a special treat for our first meeting!.

For listings of cozies by author (movies, too!) check out

mystery discussion questions in Word

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Our final meeting will be held on June 19, 2019. Thank you all for 16 wonderful years of Christie Capers!

June 2019: The Christie Curse (Victoria Abbott)
-Rare Book Collector

May 2019: Tagged for Death (Sherry Harris)
-Garage Sale Organizer

April 2019: Bittersweet (Susan Wittig Albert)

March 2019: Author Laura Bradford
A presentation on Bradford's latest Amish Mystery, Just Plain Murder, and her upcoming women's fiction novel, A Daughter's Truth. The public is welcome to attend!

February 2019: Flipped for Murder (Maddie Day)
-Country Store Owner

January 2019: Through the Evil Days (Julia Spencer-Fleming)
-Episcopal Priest

December 2018: Christmas Party
Appetite for Murder (Lucy Burdette)
-Key West Food Critic

November 2018: Delivering the Truth (Edith Maxwell)
-Quaker Midwife 1888

October 2018: Clammed Up(Barbara Ross)
-Clambake Company Owner

150 books read!

September 2018: Mrs Jeffries and the Three Wise Women (Emily Brightwell)

2018-19 theme: Career Women

August 2018: Author Lucy Burdette (Roberta Isleib)
Lucy Burdette is the author of the Key West Food Critic mystery series, which features food critic Hayley Snow and a charming group of friends, family, and suspects. Burdette will introduce her newest in the series, "Death on the Menu." The public is invited to join us!

July 2018: The Water Room (Christopher Fowler)
-Arthur Bryant & John May

June 2018: A Study in Scarlet (Arthur Conan Doyle)
-Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson

May 2018: Fatal Inquiry (Will Thomas)
-Cyrus Baker & Thomas Llewelyn

April 2018: A Family Affair (Rex Stout)
-Nero Wolfe & Archie Goodwin

March 2018: Death is Now My Neighbor (Colin Dexter)
-Inspector Morse & Sergeant Lewis

February 2018: Robots of Dawn (Isaac Asimov)
-Elijah Bailey and Daneel Olivour

January 2018: Author Mark L. Dressler
-This month the public is invited to join the group to welcome Mark L. Dressler, author of Dead and Gone, a detective novel set in Hartford. A native of Hartford, CT, Dressler is a retired business owner who resides in Windsor. Dead and Gone is his first published novel. If you love a mystery, consider spending a winter evening meeting the author. Copies of the novel will be available for $15 after the author presentation.

December 2017: The Thin Man (Dashiell Hammett)
-Nick & Nora Charles

November 2017: The Secret Adversary (Agatha Christie)
-Tommy & Tuppence Beresford

October 2017: Author Laura Bradford
Laura will be publishing her first women's fiction novel, set in the Amish culture, in June. She is also the author of four mystery series and several romances. Meet the author, learn more about her work and her life, and enjoy an evening at the library! Copies of Laura's books (including the Sewing Circle mysteries written as Elizabeth Lynn Casey) will be available for sale and signing at the program. Registration is recommended. This event will be held in the story time area.

September 2017: Bones & Silence (Reginald Hill)
-Superintendent Dalziel and D.I Pascoe

2017-18 theme: Detecting Duos

August 2017: Her Royal Spyness (Rhys Bowen)
- Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie, daughter of a Duke, 1930's.

July 2017: The Country Fair Murder
- No, It's not a book, but we are all looking forward to solving the murder of Daphne Templeton-Kendall, the wealthiest, most philanthropic, and most obnoxious woman in the quiet village of Delby. The public is welocme to join us, but registration is required due to space limitations.

June 2017: Dark Road to Darjeeling (Deanna Raybourn)
- Lady Julia Grey, a Victorian sleuth.

May 2017: The Christie Caper (Carolyn Hart)
- Max Darling, wealthy PI and, eventually, husband of Annie Laurence Darling.

April 2017:Murder Must Advertize (Dorothy Sayers)
- Lord Peter Wimsey, bon vivant British Sleuth circa 1930.

March 2017: Author Laura Bradford -
- Our good friend Laura Bradford (a.k.a. Elizabeth Lynn Casey) returns to Windsor Locks Public Library for the 6th time! Laura's original cozy series was the Southern Sewing Mysteries, written under the name Elizabeth Lynn Casey (book 12 of this series will be published in June). She soon began writing her Amish mystery series under her own name and last year added the Emergency Dessert Squad series to her growing list of accomplishments. In 2017 the first in her new Toby Tobias Advertizing Agency series will be released. Laura is also the author of the grittier Jenkins & Burns mystery series as well as some award winning romances for Harlequin. Many of her books will be available at the program for sale and signing by the author. You can learn more about Laura and her writing at and

February 2017: Author Christine M. Whitehead -
- Local lawyer Christine Whitehead will join Christie Capers and any other interested crime fiction lovers for an evening of mystery! She will discuss her own new novel, The Rage of Plum Blossoms and participate in a general discussion of the mystery genre. The public is invited to meet the author and enjoy a lively discussion of mysteries. Ms. Whitehead's books are available in print and for Kincdle at Learn more about the author at

January 2017: A Great Deliverance (Elizabeth George)
- Detective Inspector Thomas Linley, 8th Earl of Asherton.

December 2016: Snobbery with Violence (Marion Chesney)
- Lady Rose Summer, Edwardian aristocracy, daughter of an earl.

November2016: Away with the Fairies (Kerry Greenwood)
- Phryne Fisher, a glamorous Australian socialite in the 1920's

October 2016: Proper Treatment of Bloodstains (Catriona McPherson)
- Dandy Gilver, a well-married finishing school graduate in post WWI Britain

September 2016: A Beautiful Blue Death (Charles Finch)
- Charles Lenox, A wealthy Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer.

2016-17 theme: Independently Weathy Sleuths Who Don't Need the Work, Usually

August 2016: Murder in Chelsea (Victoria Thompson) - New York City, 1890's

July 2016: Bellows Falls (Archer Mayor) - Brattleboro, Vermont

June 2106: A Fatal Grace (Louise Penny) - Three Pines (Montreal), Quebec

May 18, 2016: Sadie Hartwell is the author of the new Tangled Web mystery series set in fictional Dorset Falls, CT. Tonight Sadie will discuss Yarned & Dangerous, the first novel in the series. Knitters will especially love this series! Sadie also writes the Greek To Me mystery series under the name Susannah Hardy. Books will be available for sale and signing at the program. The public is welcome!

April 2016: Death in Lacquer Red (Jeanne Dams) - South Bend, Indiana, early 1900's

March 16, 2016: Laura Bradford, author of an Amish cozy series and the Emergency Dessert Squad series (plus the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries, writing as Elizabeth Lynn Casey), will join the Christie Capers for an evening of book-talking and mystery merry making. The public is invited. Books will be available for sale and signing.

February 2016:A Superior Death (Nevada Barr) - Lake Superior, Michigan)

January 2016: The Blessing Way (Tony Hillerman) - American Southwest

December 16, 2015: Mistletoe Man (Susan Wittig Albert) Pecan Springs, Texas - plus our annual Christmas potluck dinner!

November 18, 2015: Good Man Friday (Barbara Hambly - New Orleans and Washington, DC

October 21, 2015: Assaulted Pretzel (Laura Bradford) & Agony of the Leaves (Laura Childs) - Amish Country and Charleston, North Carolina

2015-16 theme: Mysteries with a strong sense of place: Touring North America

September 16, 2015: Author Roberta Isleib / Lucy Burdette joins the Christie Capers and friends to discuss her Key West Food Critic series, Golf Lovers Mysteries, and Advice Column Mysteries. Visit Roberta's web page at to get the whole scoop on this talented clinical psychologist turned successful mystery writer.

August 19, 2015: Discussion of classic crime novels.

July 20, 2015: The Body in the Piazza (Katherine Hall Page)

June 18, 2015:Anne Canadeo, author of the Black Sheep knitting mysteries, pays a return visit to Windsor Locks Library. Visit Anne's author page for more information on her wonderful books.

June 17, 2015: New England Mystery Authors Edith Maxwell, Liz Mugavero, and Barbara Ross

May 20, 2015: The Drowning Man (Margaret Coel)

April 15, 2015: Mystery Author Laura Bradford (a.k.a. Elizabeth Lynn Casey) joins the group tonight to introduce her 2 new mysteries. Wedding Duress is the newest Southern Sewing Circle mystery (written as Elizabeth Lynn Casey) and Suspendered Sentence is Laura's latest Amish mystery. Copies of all her books will be available for sale and signing. The public is welcome, so bring some friends!

March 18, 2015: The Day the Rabbi Resigned (Harvey Kemelman)
The police suspect foul play in the death of a recently married college professor and known gigilo, so they enlist the help of retirement-bound Rabbi Small. Learen more about Harry Kemelman.

February 18, 2015: In the Bleak Midwinter (Julia Spencer-Fleming)
Rev. Clare Fergusson is an American Episcopal priest who gets involved with murder. Learn more about the author and her writing at

January 14, 2015: New mystery author Susannah Hardy will present her first GREEK TO ME mystery, Feta Attraction. If you like "cozy, culinary, and a bit crazy," you'll won't want to miss meeting this Connecticut-based author!

December 17, 2014: Grave Undertakings (Ralph McInerny)
Featuring Father Dowling, an American Catholic priest. Visit for more information on McInerny and his Father Dowling mysteries.

November 19, 2014: The Haunted Abbot (Peter Tremayne)
Featuring Sister Fidelma, a 7th century nun. Visit for more information on Sister Fidelma and her creator, Peter Tremayne.

November 5, 2014: Leslie Matthews Stansfield, author of the Madeline's Teashop mysteries, will be here at 6:30 PM for this special program open to all mystery lovers. Joining her will be tea expert Ann Velasco. Tea and refreshments will be served. Please call 860-627-1495 to register for this one!

October 15, 2014: Wicked Autumn (G.M. Malliet)
Featuring Anglican priest Max Tudor. Visit for more information on G.M. Malliet's mystery novels.

2014-15 theme: Religious Sleuths

September, 2014: Bedlam: The Further Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte (Laura Jo Rowland)
Charlotte Bronte mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on Charlotte Bronte is available at

August, 2014: Laura Bradford, author of an Amish cozy mystery series and, writing as Elizabeth Lynn Casey, the Southern Sewing Circle mysteries, returns to the Windsor Locks Library at 6:30 PM. The public is invited to join us for Laura's presentation. She's great!

July, 2014: An Expert in Murder (Nicola Upson)
Josephine Tey mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on Josephine Tey is available at

June, 2014: Murder on the Cliffs (Joanna Challis)
Daphne DuMaurier mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on Daphne DuMaurier is available at

May, 2014: Murder at Midnight (Elliott Roosevelt)
Eleanor Roosevelt mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on Eleanor Roosevelt is available at

April, 2014: Bertie and the Seven Bodies (Peter Lovesey)
Prince Albert, later King Edward VII mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on King Edward VII is available at

March, 2014: Tale of Briar Break (Susan Wittig Albert)
Beatrix Potter mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on Beatrix Potter is available at

February, 2014: The Ninth Daughter (Barbara Hamilton)
Abigail Adams mystery. Visit for more informaton on Barbara Hamilton (a.k.a fantasy author Barbara Hambly). Biographical information on Abigail Adams is available at

January, 2014: Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron (Stephanie Barron)
Jane Austen mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on Jane Austen is available at

December, 2013: Price of Murder (Bruce Alexander)
Christmas party. Meeting 6-8 PM.
Sir John Fielding mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on Sir John Fielding is available at

November, 2013: Oscar WIlde and the Dead Man's Smile (Giles Brandreth)
Oscar Wilde mystery. Visit for more information on this series. Biographical information on Oscar Wilde is available at

October, 2013: Cozy authors Edith Maxwell (A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die) and Liz Mugavero (Kneading to Die) join us for an evening us discussion about their writing careers and their new food-related mystery series. Visit their web sites at and

2013-14 theme: Mysteries featuring real people.

September, 2013: Author Laura Bradford
One of our favorite authors, Laura Bradford, returns to Windsor Locks Public Library on September 18 to discuss her latest mysteries. Laura writes both an Amish mystery series and the Southern Sewing Circle mysteries (the latter as Elizabeth Lynn Casey). Visit and for information on both of these wonderful cozy series.

August, 2013: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (Alexander McCall Smith)
This is the first in the charming Mma "Precious" Ramotswe series, set in Botswana. In this novel, Precious searches for a boy who may have been kidnapped by witch doctors. Visit

July, 2013: Broken Shore (Peter Temple)
Detective Joe Cashin is posted to a quiet village on the Australian coast, but soon the community is shaken by the murder of a local philanthropist, who appears to have been keeping some important secrets. Visit Text Publishing's Peter Temple Page for information on the author and his novels.

June, 2013: Death of an Irish Sinner (Bartholomew Gill)
Chief Superintendent Peter McGarr of Dublin has been asked to investigate the ritualistic murder of author Mary-Jo Stanton. He finds himself and his family being drawn into the web of Opus Dei, a secret order of religious zealots. Publisher Harper Collins lists all of Gill's Peter McGarr mysteries.

May, 2013: Under the Dog Star (Sandra Parshall)
Thanks to Sandra for the gift of copies of books to the Christie Capers!
Virginia veterinarian Rachel Goddard and Sheriff's Department investigator Tom Bridger deal with premeditated murder using a trained attacks dogs. Learn more at

April, 2013: Death of a Perfect Wife (M.C. Beaton)
When seemingly perfect Trixie Thomas moves to Lochdubh with her henpecked husband, she convinces the local ladies to follow her lead in eating healthy, banning alcohol, and taking up bird-watching. Scottish detective Hamish MacBeth has his hands full when someone poisons Trixie, the perfect wife. All of M.C. Beaton's books are listed at

100 Books read!!

March, 2013: Mark of the Lion (Suzanne Arruda)
Jade del Cameron travels to Africa afer World War I in search of her lost lover's brother and the murderer of his father. " enjoyable romp through a colorful place and period in which the heroine has a Douglas-Fairbanks-in-a-split-skirt-charm ...” (Kirkus). Check out more Susanne Arruda books at

February, 2013: Night Train to Memphis (Elizabeth Peters)
Vicky Bliss, an Art Historian, works at the National Museum in Munich, Germany. "A cruise on the Nile is the lure for Vicky to help an intelligence agency solve a murder and stop a heist of Egyptian antiquities--and possibly capture Vicky's on-again, off-again art thief lover, John Smythe." More information on Elizabeth Peters and her Vicky Bliss series can be found at

January 2013: Maigret and the Fortuneteller (Georges Simenon)
Le Commissaire Maigret uses his powerful intuition to solve the death of fortuneteller Madamoiselle Jeanne in this mystery, originally published in 1944. A complete listing of Simenon's Inspector Maigret novels can be found at

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December 2012: Death in a Strange Country (Donna Leon)
Venice, Italy is the setting for Leon's second Comissario Guido Brunetti mystery. When the body of a young American is fished out of a canal in Venice, it is up to Brunetti to discover whether the crime was a simple mugging or a much larger conspiracy. Visit for more about this wonderful series.

November 2012: Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Alan Bradley)
Eleven-year-old Flavia de Luce is not your typical English amateur sleuth. She is an imaginative, gifted girl with a flair for chemistry and an unfortunate family life, living in a crumbling old mansion. When she discovers a corpse in the cucumber patch her father, an ardent philatelist and widowed recluse, seems to be the most likely suspect. Find out more about Flavia at

October 2012: Still Life (Louise Penny)
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is called in when a well-loved member of the Three Pines community is found lying dead in the maple woods. This is the first in Louise Penny's award winning Canadian mystery series.

2012-13 theme: Around the world with mysteries

September 2012: Mystery Author Carole Shmurak
Carole Shmurak, local educator and author of the Susan Lombardi mystery series, returns to the Windsor Locks Library to discuss her new book, Most Likely to Murder. The public is welcome to join us. Copies of Carole's books will be available for sale and signing after the program. Visit Carole's classic mystery review blog, Death by Committee.

August 2012: Devil's Food Cake Murder (Joanne Fluke) When Hannah Swenson finds a visiting minister face down in a plate of devils' food cake, she knows that his death was no accident. Find out more about Joanne's Fluke's Hannah Swenson series at

July 2012: Half Price Homicide (Elaine Viets) Helen Hawthorne is still trying to clear her name in Viets' fast-paced 9th Dead End Job mystery. Now working at Snapdragon's Second Thoughts, a high-end clothing consignment shop, Helen finds herself investigating the death of a trophy wife while longing to settle down with her true love, Phil.

June 22, 2012: Author Anne Canadeo ~ 7:00 PM

June 2012: The Body in the Bookcase (Katherine Hall Page) Murder becomes personal when Faith's friend dies during a robbery. AFter the Fairchild home is burglarized, Faith gets involved with investigating the seemingly related crimes.

June 11, 2012: Author Laura Bradford ~ 7:00 PM

May 2012: Books by the Bay Mysteries (Ellery Adams) Olivia Limoges and the Bayside Book Writers of Oyster Bay, North Carolina, are up to their ears in dead bodies. Check out this wonderful series at

April 2012: A Stitch Before Dying (Ann Canadeo) What could be more relaxing than teaching knitting workshops at a beautiful Bershire spa retreat? Maggie Messina and the Black Sheep Knitters are enjoying their weekend at the Crystal Lake Inn until a killer strikes. Who was the intended victim and what does spa owner Dr. Max Flemming have to hide? Visit Simon & Schuster's Anne Canadeo page for more on the Black Sheep knitting series.

March 2012: Sweet Poison (Ellen Hart) Jane Lawless is multitasking, running her Minneapolis restaurants and working for her lawyer father's gubernatorial campaign. When one of Ray Lawless's volunteers is murdered, the prime suspect is one of her father's former clients, innocent convicted murderer Corey Hodge. Hart is the 2010 winner of the GCLS Trailblazer Award for lifetime achievement in the field of lesbian literature.

February 2012: TBA (Krista Davis) Domestic Diva Sophie Winston seems to stumble across murders at every turn. Find out more and check out Davis' wonderful book covers at

January 2012: Broken Places (Sandra Parshall) In the third book of Parshall's wonderful Rachel Goddard series, Rachel is an "earwitness" to the murder of Cam Taylor. After Cam's wife Meredith is also found dead, Rachel becomes the target of several attempts on her life. Visit to find out more about this series

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December 2011: Backstage Murder (Shelley Freydont) Lindy Haggerty dons her dancing shoes to help a friend rescue a troubled show, but finds herself involved in murder when the show's tantrum-prone diva is found dead in her dressing room. Freydont is a former dancer.

November 2011: Author Elizabeth Lynn Casey (Southern Sewing Circle mysteries) was here to talk about her cozy series and the development of her career as an author. If you love a cozy be sure to check out the Southern Sewing Circle mysteries!

October 2011: Wormwood: A China Bayles Mystery (Susan Wittig Albert) China is invited by herbalist Martha Edmond to help out with some workshops at Mount Zion Shaker Village Spa in Kentucky. While there she stumbles upon murder and possible financial shenanigans. Albert includes a parallel story set in the past as

September 2011: The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree (Susan Wittig Albert) It's 1930, and the Darling, Alabama garden club has inherited a new club house from a dear departed founding member, Dahlia Blackstone. They soon find themselves involved in investigating the untimely death of club member Bunny Scott. Visit for more on the Darling Dahlias series.

2011-12 theme: Female sleuths.

August, 2011: A Nice Class of Corpse (Simon Brett) After moving into a genteel establishment for the elderly, curious widow Melita Pargeter begins to wonder about some of the strange goings-on at her new home, especially the fatal fall of a sweet elder lady. Can you say "Arsenic & Old Lace? Prolific author Simon Brett provides information on his life and writing at

July, 2011: Nantucket Diet Murders (Virginia Rich) After publishing 3 mystery novels starring the wonderful amateur sleuth, Eugenia Potter, Virginia Rich's legacy was carried on by author Nancy Pickard, who continued the series. In this novel, Rich's last, Eugenia reunites with old friends in Nantucket only to find that all of them are noticeably thinner, decidedly fashionable, and devoted to a new local diet guru. A couple of "accidental" deaths lead Eugenia to suspect that something odd is going on. Read more about Virginia Rich.

June, 2011: The Nine Tailors (Dorothy L. Sayers) Sayers is at her finest in this classic Lord Peter Whimsey mystery. When his car breaks down on New Year's Eve at Fenchurch St. Paul, Lord Peter is recruited to replace one of the local bell ringers to ring in the new year. When a body is discovered a few months later he is called back to the village to help solve the crime. This mystery is well worth it if you can get through the first 100 pages or so of this novel, which is full of detailed bell-ringing information.

May, 2011: Silver Scream: A Bed & Breakfast Mystery (Mary Daheim) Judith McMonigle Flynn has some reservations when famous movie producer Bruno Zapft and the stars of his latest film descend on her bed & breakfast, Hillside Manor, at Halloween. After she discovers Bruno dead face down in the kitchen sink she begins to think that she should have heeded her insticts. Learn more about Mary Daheim's Bed & Breakfast series at

April, 2011: Death by Cashmere (Sally Goldenbaum) Izzy Chambers rents the apartment over her Seaside Knitting Studio to Angie Archer, a woman with a "reputation," causing a stir in Sea Harbor. An even bigger stir erupts when Angie's body is discovered in the harbor and strange things start to happen in the little town. This is the first in Sally Goldenbaum's Seaside Knitting series of mysteries.

March, 2011: Murder Is Binding (Lorna Barrett) Murder in a New Hampshire cookbook store with carving knife as weapon...Is mystery bookshop owner Trish Miles, the main suspect, guilty or will she be able to take matters into her own hands and find the REAL killer? This is the first in Lorna Barrett's Booktown Mystery series.

February, 2011: Death at La Fenice (Donna Leone) Famed conductor Hellmut Wellaur's last performance at La Fenice is interrupted by cyanide poisoning, and Commissario Guido Brunetti is assigned to the case. Leon's writing is superb and her readers are drawn into the atmosphere of Venice. Visit Donna Leon's web page at

January, 2011: Cover Her Face (P.D. James)
Cover Her Face is the first in Phyllis Dorothy James' acclaimed Adam Dalgleish series. James' work has been "praised for its sophisticated narrative techniques and its complex and multifaceted characters." As Dalgleish unravels the mystery of beautiful servant Sally Rupp's locked-room strangulation, the reader is treated to a wonderfully slow and subtle revelation of the various characters' true personalities and well-kept secrets. P.D. James is profiled at".

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December, 2010: Open Season (Archer Mayor)
Archer Mayor's Vermont-based Joe Gunther series has been described as one of the best police procedural series around. In this first novel in the series Joe Gunther is faced with solving a series of bizarre crimes that seem linked to an earlier murder. To find out more about this award winning author and his books visit

November, 2010: A Highland Christmas (M.C. Beaton)
"I was at a fishing school in Sutherland in the very north of Scotland, and I thought, what a wonderful setting for a classical detective story, 11 people isolated in this Highland wilderness. So Hamish Macbeth was born." M.C. Beaton's tall, red-haired and exceedingly handsome Constable MacBeth is a brilliant detective with little ambition who prefers his little croft in the village of Lochdubh to success in the big city. For a complete list of the Hamish MacBeth series, visit

October, 2010: The Godwulf Manuscript (Robert B. Parker)
In this, the very first of Parker's Spenser series, the series' hero is hired by Boston University to recover a rare stolen manuscript. A murdered student is his only clue and the case against a pretty coed looks open and shut. Information about Parker and his beloved Spenser series is available at

September, 2010: Cardington Crescent (Anne Perry)
Charlotte Pitt's sister, Emily, is visiting relatives at Cardington Crescent with her husband, George, when George is found dead, murdered, poisoned with his morning coffee. Bow Street Inspector Thomas Pitt is called in on the case as circumstantial evidence points toward his sister-in-law as the murderer. Perry's Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series is the longest running detective series by a living novelist. Find out more about Anne Perry at

2010-11 theme: Professional vs. amateur sleuths

August, 2010: Mrs. Mallory Wonders Why (Hazel Holt)
Widow Sheila Mallory fears for the future of her dear elderly friend Miss Graham when plans are announced to turn the woman's oceanside home into an upscale nursing facility. When Miss Graham is found dead, a victim of her favorite dessert, Sheila starts snooping around, putting her own life in jeopardy. Read more about Hazel Holt's mysteries.

July, 2010: The Body in the Transept (Jeanne Dams)
American widow Dorothy Martin trips over a body after Christmas Eve services in her adopted homeland of Great Britain. Thus begins a new hobby as an amateur sleuth! Get the scoop on this author at

June, 2010: Death and the Lit Chick (G.M. Malliet)
When best-selling author Kimberlee Kalder turns up dead at Dalmorton Castle during a mystery writers' conference, Inspector Arthur St. Just is already on the scene and ready to investigate. Multiple suspects and the traditonal castle setting make this a cozy worthy of comparison to the works of the great Agatha Christie. Find out more about author G. M. Malliet.

May, 2010:Pushing Up Daisies (Rosemary Harris)
Former media executive Paula Holliday has relocated from New York City to Springfield, CT to pursue a more relaxing career as a master gardener. When she is hired to restore the gardens at the historic Halcyon estate, her relaxation comes to a screeching halt when she digs up a mummified baby. Visit for more on this Connecticut author and the Dirty Business series.

April, 2010: Eggs in Purgatory (Laura Childs)
Two murders, a runaway girl, a vicious widow, and a messianic cult leader might have a negative impact on business at the Cackleberry Club, a cafe where eggs are the morning specialty. Find out more about the Cackleberry Club series at

March, 2010: Red Hot Murder (Joanne Pence)
Chef Angie Amalfi takes a romantic trip with her fiancé to his boyhood home in the Arizona desert, but murder is on the menu and Angie soon finds herself investigating two murders. Check out for more information on Angie Amalfi and Joanne Pence.

February, 2010: Baltimore Blues (Laura Lippman)
Unemployed newpaper reporter Tess Monaghan embarks shakily on a new career as a private investigator. She takes on her first case when friend and fellow rower Rock is accused of murder. Rumor is that Tess does get better as an investigator in subsequent books in this Baltimore-based series. Find out more at

January, 2010: Six Strokes Under (Roberta Isleib)
You don't have to be a golf lover to enjoy Isleib's golf-themed mysteries! In this one, Cassie Burdette's dreams of winning a spot on the LPGA tour are threatened by repressed memories (not hers), slightly twisted competitors, and the discovery of not one, but two dead bodies. Visit Roberta Isleib's Official Web Site to find out more about this series.

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December, 2009: Knit One, Kill Two (Maggie Sefton)
In the first entry of this charming knitting series, Washington, DC accountant Kelly Flynn arrives in Colorado to plan her Aunt Helen's funeral and settle the estate. Kelly quickly discovers that her aunt's death involved much more than a simple burglary gone wrong and she decides to stay in Colorado long enough to untangle her aunt's mysterious financial problems and to solve the crime. In the process she also learns to knit and comes to love the community of the House of Lambspun. Maggie's home page at has more information on both her mystery series.
Hot on the Trail (Jane Isenberg)
Post-menopausal New Jersey college professor Bel Barrett has two goals in this novel: to find out who killed her elderly student and to find time to marry her ever-patient love, Sol. To find out more about Jane Isenberg's Bel Barrett series visit her web site at

November, 2009: Death at Hilliard High (Carole Shmurak)
Professor Susan Lombardi is drawn into a strange case at Hilliard High when African-American teacher Shauna Thompson becomes the victim of a series of apparently racially motivated pranks. Along the way, of course, Susan unwittingly becomes involved in the discovery of a body and the disappearance of teacher Leo Loops, husband of the victim. Read more about Carole Shmurak's Susan Lombardi series.

October, 2009: A Real Basket Case (Beth Groundwater)
Claire Hanover, aged 46, is the owner of a successful Colorado-based gift basket business. When her masseur is shot during a massage session at Claire's home, her husband Roger is considered a prime suspect. Claire must not only convince her husband that the massage was strictly business, but she must also solve the crime before her husband goes to trial. This is the first in Beth Groundwater's Claire Hanover series.

September, 2009: Death of a Dunwoody Matron (Patricia Sprinkle)
Dunwoody is the ultimate in suburban chic on the surface, but nearly every resident of this exclusive neighborhood harbors a secret. When beautiful Yvonne Delacourt is found murdered, amateur sleuth Sheila Travis finds herself embroiled in a crime with a personal connection. Get acquainted with Patricia Sprinkle, then check out some of her fiction and nonfiction works!

2009-10 theme: Written by Women

August, 2009: The Summer Garden Murder (Ann Ripley)
Louise Eldridge, TV gardening show host and amateur sleuth, becomes the prime suspect when the body of convicted killer Peter Hoffman is discovered buried under her azalea bushes after the local police receive an anonymous tip. The plot thickens when another body is found planted in the vegetable garden. A complete list of Ann Ripley's gardening mysteries can be found at

July, 2009: The Deserter: Murder at Gettysburg (Jane Langton)
Homer Kelly and his wife Mary sift through clues from the past and present to discover what really happened to Mary's ancestor, Seth Morgan, at the battle of Gettysburg. Visit Fantasticfiction to learn more about Jane Langton's books.

June, 2009: The Stabbing in the Stables (Simon Brett)
When Jude begs Carole to give her a ride to meet a client at a local stable, they don't expect to find the dead body of an ex-equestrian with a lot of enemies waiting for them. Learn more about Simon Brett and his Feathering series.

May, 2009: Goodbye, Ms. Chips (Dorothy Cannell)
Learn more about Dorothy Cannell and interior decorator / sleuth Ellie Haskell at This Wikipedia article has the most comprehensive information I could find on Cannell and her books.

April, 2009: Cover Your Assets (Patricia Smiley)
Management Consultant Tucker Sinclair's life is turned upside down when her old flame, successful Hollywood agent Evan Brice, returns to town after a 10 year absence, only to turn up dead. Fans of Janet Evanovich will enjoy Patricia Smiley's charming, easygoing style.

March, 2009: Mallets Aforethought (Sarah Graves)
Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree discovers not one, but two bodies while renovating the historic Harlequin House in her adopted hometown of Eastport, Maine. She becomes involved in solving both murders, one modern day and one from the past. Learn more about Sarah Graves and her Home Repair is Homicide mysteries!

February, 2009: Break a Leg, Darlings (Marian Babson)
Evangeline Sinclair and Trixie Dolan are aging film stars looking for career revival in the theater. During their jaunts through various pub theaters they encounter a lovable Irish wolfhound, a decidedly odd group of vintage film fans, and, of course, a murder. Learn more about Marian Babson on Wikipedia.

January, 2009: Murder at the Library of Congress: A Capital Crimes Mystery (Margaret Truman)
Art theft, murder, and the country's most venerble research institution, the Library of Congress, set the stage for Truman's sixteenth Capital Crimes mystery. For more information on Margaret Truman and her mysteries, visit the Harry S Truman Library & Museum site and read her Biography and Bibliography.

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December, 2008: Crimson Snow (Jeanne Dams)
Swedish immigrant and maid Hilda Johansson discovers that South Bend, Indiana has a darker side when she investigates the murder of her younger brother's teacher. Author Jeanne Dams offers some interest commentary about her research on this series on her web site,

November, 2008: So Shall You Reap (Marilyn Wallace)
Happily married beekeeper Sarah Hoving agrees to take part in her hometown's bicentennial celebration, but disturbing memories about her mother's disappearance years before suddenly begin haunting her. Will she be a murderer's next victim, or could she herself be the murderer? Check out Internet Book List for a list of the late Marilyn Wallace's work.

October, 2008: Martians in Maggody (Joan Hess)
When aliens descend on Maggody, Arkansas, the media and UFO enthusiasts from around the country quickly follow. After a tabloid reporter is found dead, skeptical Sheriff Arly Hanks starts asking questions. Learn more about Joan Hess' Maggody series at

September, 2008: The Sudoku Murder (Shelley Freydont)
Katie McDonald, master puzzle-solver, finds herself working as curator of the Avondale Puzzle Museum while trying to discover the murderer of the museum's founder, Professor P.T. Avondale, before the murderer finds her! This is the first in Shelley Freydont's sudoku series.

August, 2008: The English Breakfast Murder (Laura Childs)
Theodosia Browning, the owner of Charleston's Indigo Tea Shop, is the amateur sleuth featured in Laura Childs' Tea Shop series of cozy mysteries. In this entry, Theodosia discovers the body of art dealer Harper Fiske floating in the waves during the annual "turtle crawl" at Halliehurst Beach. What appears at first to be a terrible accident soon looks suspiciously like murder! Find out more at

July, 2008: Wanton's Web (Alex Matthews)
Psychotherapist Cassidy McCabe's fiancé has trouble on his hands: the mother of his love child is murdered and he is the main suspect. Alex Matthews is the author of nine Cassidy McCabe mysteries. Find out more at

June, 2008: Keepsake Crimes (Laura Childs)
Scrapbooker extraordonaire Carmela Bertrand becomes a reluctant sleuth after he soon-to-be-ex is accused of murder during New Orleans' annual Mardi Gras festivities. Visit for info on Childs' three charming mystery series (and make sure you check out the adorable teapot links!).

May, 2008: Fool's Puzzle (Earlene Fowler)
Author Jo-Ann Mapson was instrumental in the publication of this, Fowler's first Benni Harper mystery. Did you know that Benni's last name came from Earlene Fowler's maternal grandmother? If you love quilts and want to know more about this author and her books, check out Make sure you visit the quilt gallery!

April, 2008: Framed in Lace (Monica Ferris)
Did you know that the reason Monica Ferris killed off Margot Berglund, the original heroine of this series, is that the author didn't feel that she knew enough about needlework and running a small business to write the character convincingly? Instead she brought in Margot's sister Betsy ("who is as ignorant as I am") to solve the crimes and run the shop. Find out more about the fascinating Monica Ferris at

March, 2008: A Catered Murder (Isis Crawford)
When nasty vampire-fiction author Laird Wrenn drops dead at a reunion dinner, many "ill-wishers" become instant suspects. Caterer Libby Simmons, her sister Bernie, and wheelchair-bound father Sean, a retired police officer, are on the case. For information on Isis Crawford (aka Barbara Block) visit

February 20, 2008: The Chocolate Cat Caper (JoAnna Carl)
Recent divorcé Lee McKinney moves to Michigan to study for her CPA exam and help her Aunt Nettie out with her luxury chocolate shop, Chocolade TenHuis. When a prominent (but disliked) lawyer is poisoned by one of Aunt Nettie's amaretto truffles, Lee can't help but be drawn in to the investigation. Visit for more information about this charming series and its author.

January 16, 2008: The Body In the Bouillon (Katherine Hall Page)
Massachusetts caterer Faith Sibley Fairchild embroils herself in yet another murder, this time while investigating Hubbard House, a local retirement home, at the request of her favorite aunt. This is the 3rd of Katherine Hall Page's 15 Faith Fairchild mysteries (number 16 will be published in April!). Visit the Agatha Award winning author's web site at

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December 19, 2007: This Dame for Hire (Sandra Scoppettone)
Faye Quick is a female PI working on her own in New York City during WWII. Faye has been working as a secretary in a detective agency, learning everything there is to know about the business, and when her charming boss is drafted she takes over the agency. Her first case involves finding the killer of a young woman whose body she stumbles over on a snowy New York evening. provides more information on the author and her books.

November 14, 2007: Murphy's Law (Rhys Bowen)
After fleeing Ireland and arriving in America, Molly Murphy finds herself in trouble on Ellis Island. This is the first in Rhys Bowen's acclaimed Molly Murphy series. Find out more about Rys Bowen and her three mystery series, visit her website at

October 17, 2007: Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor (Stephanie Barron)
Jane Austen arrives at Scargrave Manor only to have the Earl, an elderly gentleman, succumb to an ailment too mysterious and violent to be anything but murder. Jane's friend Isobel begs her to help solve the crime in this charming and sophisticated cozy. Learn more about Stephanie Barron and her Jane Austen series at

September 19, 2007: Death by Committee (Carole Shmurak)
The Christie Capers will enjoy an email discussion of this academic mystery.

June 20, 2007:We'll Always Have Parrots (Donna Andrews)
When the star of a cheesy cult TV show is found murdered, Meg Langslow's fiance, Michael, could be a suspect. Meg is soon hot on the trail of the murderer through a hotel filled with actors, devoted fans, monkeys, and excaped parrots. For more information on Donna Andrews and her Meg Langslow series click on

May 16, 2007:Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death (M.C. Beaton)
Tough PR exec Agatha Raisin retires to a Cotswolds cottage to enjoy country life and, hopefully, to find love. In an effort to impress her fellow villagers with her culinary skills, Agatha illegally enters a store-bought quiche in a local competition, with mortal consequences. The resulting investigation catapults the irascible Agatha into a murder investigation and a new hobby as an amateur investigator. Visit Notes in the Margin for more information on author M.C. Beaton.

Apri 18, 2007: Murder by the Book (Rex Stout)
Nero Wolfe's able assistant, Archie Goodwin, travels to Los Angeles to look for clues in the murder of law clerk Leonard Dykes. To find out more about Rex Stout and his creation, Nero Wolfe, visit Merely a Genius.

March 21, 2007: Strawberry Shortcake Murder (Joanne Fluke)
When one of the judges of Lake Eden's first annual Dessert Bake-Off is found dead, facedown in one of Hannah Swenson's delicious stawberry shortcakes, Hannah is on the case. Visit author Joane Fluke's charming web site, for recipes, reviews, and more information on Hannah Swenson and the Cookie Jar.

February 21, 2007: Serpent on the Crown (Elizabeth Peters)
"A novel filled with riveting suspense, pulse-pounding action, and the vibrant life of a fascinating place and time, The Serpent on the Crown is the jewel in the crown of a grand master, the remarkable Elizabeth Peters." Visit her website, for more information on this book and Peters' other works.

January 17, 2007: A Dilly of a Death (Susan Wittig Albert)
A few days after the Pickle Queen turns up missing, a sudden rainstorm reveals that all is not kosher at Morgan's Pickles. Fortunately, herbalist and retired lawyer China Bale is on the scene when trouble surfaces on the eve of Picklefest. Visit Susan Wittig Albert's web site to find out more about her China Bale mystery series.

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December 20, 2006: The Christmas Cookie Murder (Leslie Meier)
Working mother Lucy Stone looks forward to the annual Tinker's Cove cookie exchange every year, but this year everything seems to go wrong. When Tucker Whitney, one of the cookie ladies, is found murdered the next day, Lucy sets out to uncover the killer. Leslie Meier does not have an official web site, but type her name into Google and you'll find bibliographies and biographical information on several sites!

November 15, 2006: Death at Epsom Downs (Robin Paige)
Suan Wittig Albert and her husband, Bill Albert, team up to write the Robin Paige Victorian mysteries. Death at Epsom Downs features actress Lillie Langtry and a horse-doping scandal that threatens the future of horse racing in Victorian England. Find out more about Robin Paige at

October 18, 2006: Chatham School Affair (Thomas Cook)
The tragic events at the Chatham School destroyed 5 lives in this genre-stretching mystery set on Cape Cod in 1926. Read more on the web about Thomas H. Cook.

September 20, 2006: Mark your calendar! The Christie Capers welcomed mystery author Carole Shmurak to the Windsor Locks Library. In a talk entitled "Academic Robes and Little Black Dresses: Merging the Traditions of the Professor/Sleuth and the Female Investigator", Carole discussed her mystery series, her college professor sleuth Susan Lombardi (based on Carole herself!), and mystery fiction in general. Read Steve Lewis' charming interview with Carole Shmurak.

June 28, 2006: Deadmistress (Carole Shmurak)
The tranquility of an elite Connecticut girl's school is shattered when Head Mistress Sabena Lazlo is found murdered in her office. Former faculty member Susan Lombardi becomes involved in the investigation in this academic cozy guaranteed to please. Read more about Connecticut author Carole Shmurak!

May 17, 2006: Alone (Lisa Gardner)
According to reviews on, this psycholgical thriller is "thrill-packed", "twisted", "intricate and suspenseful" and Gardner "wrings every possible surprise out of the storyline". Why not join our group for a discussion of this spellbinding novel?

April 19, 2006: Stone Quarry (S.J. Rozan)
A cabin in the woods, a neighbor's secret past, and a quiet search for recently stolen possessions...the quiet country atmosphere is shattered for P.I. Bill Smith and his sometime-partner Lisa Chin as they investigate the connection between a murder, a runaway girl, and a missing teen. Read more about this and S.J. Rozan's other books at

March 15, 2006: Shop Till You Drop (Elaine Viets)
Helen Hawthorne's career is going nowhere fast! One day she discovers that the manager of the ultra-chic clothing store where she works has been embezzling money and selling designer drugs as well as designer clothes. When murder is added to the mix Helen realizes that she will have to solve the case in order to protect the secret of her own past. Author Elaine Viets' web site at has more information about all of the books in her Dead-End Job series.

February 15, 2006: Surrogate Thief (Archer Mayor)
In the summer the population of Gloucester, Massachusetts swells to 3 times its usual size, making it an ideal destination for someone on the run. Vermont detective Joe Gunther shows up in Gloucester with an arrest warrant for the suspect in a 32 year old homicide, only to discover that someone beat him to the punch: his suspect has just been fished out of the water with a hole in his chest. Visit Archer Mayor's web site at for more about this Vermont author and his work.

January 11, 2006: Tell No One (Harlan Coben)
Eight years after the murder of his beloved wife, Elizabeth, Dr. David Beck receives a bizarre email that includes a phrase that has meaning only for him and Elizabeth. Find out more about this book and author Harlan Coben at

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December 7, 2005: Comedy of Heirs (Rett MacPherson)
While preparing to host her family's annual Christmas get-together genealogist and historian Torie O'Shea discovers evidence of a rotten apple in her family tree. For more on this cozy and author Rett MacPherson visit

November 9, 2005: The Hook (Donald Westlake)
A chance meeting between a blocked author in a bad marriage and a washed-up writer with an unpublished manuscript results in a deadly deal and an unbreakable but unwanted bond between the two men. For more about this book and author Donald Westlake visit

September 21, 2005: The Ice House (Minette Walters)
The lives of three reclusive women are changed forever when they become the targets of a murder investigation after a long-dead body is discovered in an ice house. For more on this book, winner of the John Creasey Award for Best Debut Crime Novel, visit

May 18, 2005: Liberty Falling (Nevada Barr)
This seventh entry in the Anna Pigeon series is set on Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island National Monuments, where "urban crime and politics smash into history". Visit for biographical information, bibliographies, and National Park information from Nevada Barr!

February 16, 2005: I Am the Only Running Footman (Martha Grimes)
Scotland Yard Superintendent Richard Jury takes on an elusive strangler in a case of family secrets-and family lies in I Am the Only Running Footman. Learn more about mystery author Martha Grimes at

January 19, 2005: Death in a Tenured Position (Amanda Cross)
To the dismay of her male colleagues, Janet Mandelbaum is made the first woman professor at Harvard's English Department. After someone slips Janet a mickey at an afternoon tea, she enlists the help of her friend Kate Fansler to find out who is out to get her. But before Kate is able to track down the culprit, time runs out for Janet. Learn more about Carolyn Gold Heilbrun (aka Amanda Cross) at

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December 15, 2004: Murder at the Old Vicarage (Jill McGown)
A Christmas snowfall, an isolated village, and a dead body in the local vicarage add up to a case that appears at first glance to be open and shut. But Chief Inspector Lloyd and Sargeant Judy Hill soon discover that this case is as perpelxing as their relationship in this homage to Agatha Christie. This book was originally published in the U.K. under the title "Redemption". Read more about Jill McGown's books at

November 17, 2004: Half Moon Street (Anne Perry)
Superintendent Thomas Pitt investigates the murder of prominent photographer Delbert Cathcart in 1891 London. Perry provides her readers with a look at the dark side of Victorian morality and social customs in this offering from her popular Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series. For more about Anne Perry visit her web site at

October 20, 2004: Southern Cross (Patricia Cornwell)
Recent widow Judy Hammer arrives in Richmond, VA to clean up the police force in this story of corruption, robberies, and scandal that escalate into murder. Visit to learn more about the author and her works.

September 15, 2004: Ritual Bath (Faye Kellerman)
Sargent Peter Decker and his future wife, Rina Lazarus, meet and embark on their first crime-solving collaberation in Ritual Bath, published in 1986. Read more about Faye Kellerman and her writing at For more about this book visit

May 19, 2004: The Beekeeper's Apprentice (Laurie R. King)
Young Mary Russell meets Sherlock Holmes in 1915 and becomes his apprentice sleuth in this Agatha Award nominated first novel by Laurie R. King. Information about King and her other books can be found at

April 21, 2004: In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner (Elizabeth George)
Did you know that, despite her success as the author of the very British Inspector Lynley series, Elizabeth George is a born and bred American? Visit Elizabeth George's home page at for more intersting facts about this popular author.

March 17, 2004: Jane Jeffry mysteries (Jill Churchill)
Learn more about Jill Churchill's suburban single mom and amateur sleuth, Jane Jeffry, by visiting Read summaries of all of the Jane Jeffry series, from "Grime and Punishment" through her latest adventure, "Bell, Book, and Scandal". Learn more about Churchill's other literary endeavors as well!

February 18, 2004:Valentine mysteries by Jane Haddam, Lee Harris, Carolyn G. Hart, and Ruth Dudley Edwards.
Click on each author's name to visit her home page and discover more about each of these terrific authors!

January 21, 2004: Storm Track (Margaret Maron)
Margaret Maron's web site at has a nice drop-down menu that will lead you to all of information that you might need about the author and her Judge Deborah Knott series. Storm Track, the seventh in this Southern mystery series, was published in 2000 and is both an Agatha Award Winner and a Mystery Guild Main Selection.

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December 17, 2003: Tied Up in Tinsel (Ngaio Marsh)
Visit for information about this charismatic New Zealander's home and life. A bibliography of her works is available on the Ngaio Marsh page as well.

November 19, 2003: Death Dines at 8:30, a mystery anthology edited by (and including stories written by) Claudia Bishop with Nick Dichario.
For more information about this book and Ms. Bishop's Hemlock Falls novels, visit the Claudia Bishop home page. Claudia Bishop also writes under her given name, Mary Stanton.

October 22, 2003: Death on Demand (Carolyn G. Hart)
Visit Carolyn's home page at to find out the latest news about her books! The Windsor Locks Library has two copies of her latest Pulitzer-nominated mystery "Letter from Home", the author's first mystery set in her home state of Oklahoma!

September 17, 2003 : The Body in the Library (Agatha Christie)
Visit Agatha for more information about the queen of crime and her books.

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