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Oscar, a literate canine.



The Windsor Locks Public Library's Savin C9025 copier/printer produces high quality copies and prints in black & white or color. This printer/copier may be used for copying documents and pictures and it is also networked with all of our public PCs for printing. The cost of copies and prints is 20 cents for black & white and 75 cents for color. Both 8 1/2 by 11 and ledger size (11x14) paper are available.


1. Place the original on the copier.

2. Put enough money (small bills or coins) in JAMEX machine to cover the cost of your copies.

3. Choose copy size and indicate color or black & white prints on console.

4. Choose number of copies.

5. Push START button then retrieve copies from machine.

6. If change is due, press and hold CHANGE button until change is returned.


When you are ready to print a document or picture from one of our PCs, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Click on FILE on the left side of the top toolbar on your screen.

2. In the drop down list under FILE, click PRINT.

3. When the PRINT box appears, click the downward arrow at the right side of the NAME box and choose B&W or COLOR from the drop-down menu if it is not already displayed.

4. Verify cost (20 cents B&W or 75 cents for COLOR).

5. Click SEND to send your print job to the copier.

6. Follow the same procedure for any additional pages that you may want to print. Your print job will be stored until you are ready to purchase your prints.

When you are ready to purchase your prints, go to the Reservation Station next to the copier / printer.

1. Click the blinking red START button in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

2. Choose "I would like to show or print my print jobs" (last choice on the list). Click NEXT.

3. Put in your library card number and PIN (default is CHANGEME) or guest pass number and click OK. A list of your print jobs will appear.

4. Choose your print job by clicking on it to highlight. For multiple print jobs, hold down the CONTROL key and click on each job that you want to print. Price of each print job and total owed will be listed.

5. Pay the JAMEX machine next to the printer / copier (bills or change). Be sure to cover the cost of your prints. The amount that you paid will show on the left side of the monitor screen as CASH BALANCE.

6. Click PRINT.

7. When pages have printed, click CLOSE and retrieve prints from copier / printer. Change will be dispensed automatically after clicking CLOSE.