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Oscar, a literate canine.



available at Windsor Locks Public Library for your reading pleasure!

Lindqvist Ajvide - Zombies

Jane Austen Gothic romance

Clive Barker Supernatural

Jessica Barone Vampires

Alden Bell - Zombies

Peter Benchley Horror

Emily Bronte Gothic Romance

Max Brooks Zombies

Robin Cook Medical horror

Michael Crichton Monsters

Justin Cronin Vampires

Peter Cummings - Zombies

Robertson Davies Supernatural

Deborde, Rob Zombies (SF)

Ted Dekker - Apocalyptic

Daphne Du Maurier Horror stories

Seth Grahame-Smith Vampires, zombies

Mira Grant Zombies (SF)

Daryl Gregory Demonic Possession

Laurell K. Hamilton - Comic horror, vampires

Charlaine Harris Vampires, werewolves

Thomas Harris Psychological horror, serial killers

Kim Harrison Witches, werewolves, demonology

Joe Hill Ghosts

Henry James Ghost stories

Stephen King Apocolyptic, dark fantasy, haunted houses

Dean R. Koontz Monsters, mind control

Ira Levin Demonic Possession

H.P. Lovecraft Horror stories

Richard Matheson Post apocalypse, vampires

Robert McCammon Psycholgical horror

Edgar Allan Poe Psychological horror

Anne Rice Vampires

John Saul Medical Horror

Schlozman, Steven C. - Zombies

Mary Shelley Gothic Romance, monsters

Robert Louis Stevenson Monsters

Bram Stoker Vampire, gothic romance

Peter Straub Horror

Whitley Strieber Demonic possesion, werewolves

Joan Francis Turner - Zombies

Thomas Tryon Psychological horror

John Updike Witchcraft

H.G.Wells Monsters

Colson Whitehead Zombies, humor

Oscar Wilde Supernatural phenomena

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Vampires

* Some of the authors listed write in other genres as well.
Please keep that in mind when looking for their horror works!

(Updated 10-23-2013)

(Subgenres suggested by Terri Lyons, SUNY Buffalo)

Updated 10-23-2013

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