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More than 100 people visited our library on Wednesday, April 13, Connecticut's Annual Snapshot Day! Unfortunately, the drizzley weather resulted in less than expected activity, but we were very pleased with the cooperation and interest of everyone that stopped by. Here is a summary of our Snapshot Day 2011:

96 Number of people answering our survey
215 Items checked out
267 Items returned
53 Web site visits
36 People using PCs
40 Adult fiction titles checked out
31 Adult nonfiction titles checked out
8 Large print titles checked out
55 Children's and Teen books checked out
55 DVDs checked out
5 New library cards issued
4 People volunteering

There were many positive comments about our library on the returned surveys. Many people appreciated the fact that library materials are FREE and easily accessible and they like the resources that we offer, including access to the Internet. The majority of visitors use the library for books and reading, but movies and computers are also very important. Our staff, to our delight, was described as "nice," "helpful," and "courteous." One person even said, "Helpful staff, always here when you need them." Several people commented on the importance of reading and the role of the library for their children. Overall, we were very pleased with the positive feedback we received.

Photos of Snapshot Day 2011,
taken by Gerry Dougherty.

Welcome to Snapshot Day 2011!
Welcome to Snapshot Day at Windsor Locks Public Library!

Snapshot Day 2011
What is Snapshot Day?

Dedicated volunteer Terry greets our visitors.
Volunteer Terry welcomes our visitors.

A happy reader stops to pose.
A happy reader pauses to pose for the camera.

Surfing the Internet.
Web surfing is one of our most popular sports!

Logging on to a public PC.
All you need to log on is your library card.

Checking out books - service with a smile.
We always provide service with a smile at checkout!

Browsing new nonfiction.
Ken is intrigued by our collection of new nonfiction.

Copying documents on the new copier/printer
The new copier/printer makes black&white or color copies.

Looking for a good book.
Checking the stacks for the next great read.

Catching up on the news.
Catching up on the news is a great way to spend the morning.

Checking Facebook on a public PC.
Library PCs are for research and for fun, like Facebook.

Happy staff ordering Quality Books.
Ric, from Quality Books, meets with staff members Beth and Eileen.

Book sales are always fun!
Great bargains can be found at our ongoing book sale.

Even the postman participates.
Even the postman stopped to answer our brief survey.

Reference, anyone?
Reference and circulation happen at the front desk.

Wireless access is always convenient.
Wireless access is convenient for students and travelers.

Looking for books in the kids' room.
The kids' room is full of great books for ages up to 16.

Returning a good book.
Returns are easy, and if we are closed you can use the book drop outside.

Filling out the Snapshot Day survey.
Ninety-six people filled out our Snapshot Day surveys. Thank you!

Puzzling choices.
Puzzle lovers find a lot to be happy about at our ongoing book sale.

Check out our library soon!
Come back to visit us again soon!

Your library card - get one today!
Get a library card today. They're free!