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Windsor Locks Public Library
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Oscar, a literate canine.




1. WELCOME TO THE LIBRARY! Our librarians are always ready to answer your questions or help you find materials for school projects or for fun. Don't be afraid to ask Ms. Kristin or one of the people at the desk if you can't find something.

2. Always bring your LIBRARY CARD for signing in to a PC or checking out books. You MUST have you card with you if you want to use a PC. If you donít have a card, ask how to get one. Theyíre FREE!

3. The PHONE at the desk is for library business only. Make arrangements with your parents ahead of time or use a friendís cell phone to check in at home when you arrive. In an EMERGENCY the staff will be happy to make a call for you.

For your own safety, if you are at least age 12 but under age 16 we MUST have an Internet Permission Form signed by your parent or guardian. If you don't have one, ask about it at the Circ Desk.
Kids under 12 should be accompanied by a parent in the library and on the PC.
You may only sign on to a PC with YOUR OWN library card. You are entiltled to up to one hour per day on a PC.
You may lose your privileges if you use someone elseís card or if you let someone else use yours.
If your card is blocked ($10 or more in fines) you will be blocked from using the PCs as well. Check at the desk if you have a problem logging on and we will investigate and help you solve the problem.

5. FOOD and drinks are not allowed in the library, but you are welcome to eat in the lobby or outside in the gazebo or on the lawn. Ants invade the library every time someone leaves food on the floor! Candy wrappers and crumbs left on tables are not welcoming for the next person that comes along any more than they would be for YOU, so if you sneak a snack, at least pick up your trash!

6. Libraries are meant for study, research, and reading and the Adult area is reserved for these activities. Doing homework with your friends, conversation, playing board games, and working on school projects are all perfectly fine activities for the Kids' Room. Running, gymnastics, loud talking and laughing, eating, playing tag or hide & seek, skateboarding, and fighting are NOT. Get the picture? If you need to work off excess energy, the library is NOT the place to do it. Try Windsor Locks Youth Serviceís afternoon programs instead. The library is for information, a great book, or a quiet place to read and relax.

7. PROGRAMS, book clubs, and other activities for young people are available at the library. If you have questions or ideas, please talk to Ms. Kristin or to our Director, Ms. Malec. We love your input!

8. WHEELS are not appropriate for the portico area, inside the library, or in the parking lot. We need to be sure that everyone, including small children, the elderly, and the handicapped, can enter the library safely without worrying about being run down by a bicycle or a skateboard! We also donít want any car vs. kid accidents in the parking lot. PLEASE use caution and common sense on library grounds! There is a bike rack outside and we are happy to hold your skateboard at the desk for you while you use the library.

9. Letís all work together to make the library a welcoming place for all age groups. Be respectful, be aware, and keep in mind that using the library is a privilege for all.

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